The new Printronix roadmap

In the wake of the Printronix recent acquisition of TallyGenicom, the Printronix product portfolio has expanded substantially to include all of TallyGenicoms product offerings.

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In terms of demarcation of ownership, Printronix has acquired the intellectual property and sales distribution rights for TallyGenicom line-matrix and laser printers, supplies and consumables, while TallyGenicom AG (the key assets of which were acquired by Dascom last month) retains all intellectual property and worldwide sales distribution rights for serial-matrix, inkjet and thermal printers, supplies and consumables. In addition, TallyGenicom will continue to resell TallyGenicom-branded line-matrix and laser products purchased from Printronix, and Printronix will resell serial-matrix products purchased from TallyGenicom AG.

Broader market presence

By adding TallyGenicom products to its portfolio, Printronix reports that it will be able to broaden the geographical scope of its business as well as serve more vertical industry sectors. These sectors will include those that TallyGenicom has served for many years; such as banking, government and healthcare. In terms of staffing arrangements, Printronix has offered select TallyGenicom employees positions within the company, while others will be retained through the ongoing transition period.

Ongoing evaluation

Printronix will continue to evaluate staffing needs as well as other aspects of the business such as engineering, branding, marketing and logistics during the upcoming months of integration. The acquisition of TallyGenicom makes Printronix one of the leading industrial printer manufacturers and enables us to offer a more robust product offering to our current and potential customers, said a Printronix spokesperson.


Printronix Inc. at a glance

Since 1974, Printronix Inc. has created innovative printing solutions for the industrial and supply chain markets. The company is a worldwide leader in enterprise solutions for line-matrix printing and has earned a strong reputation for its high-performance thermal barcode and fanfold laser printing solutions. Printronix has also become an established leader in RFID printing, barcode compliance and networked printer management. Printronix is headquartered in Irvine, California.

About TallyGenicom AG

TallyGenicom AG (the key assets of which were acquired by Dascom last month) offers computer printers, supplies and services for commercial and industrial applications. The products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industry sectors such as transportation, logistics, production, warehousing, trade and healthcare. Robust construction, high reliability and long-life cycle are the core attributes of TallyGenicom AG products. TallyGenicom AG is headquartered in Ulm, Germany, where all European-wide operations are managed. Its subsidiaries are based in the UK, France, Italy, Austria, Russia, Spain and Singapore.

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