Axiom unveils the super-versatile, high speed Series 25 sorter

Axiom GB Ltd has launched its high speed Series 25 sorter as the latest product to emerge from the companys ongoing research and development programme. The new Series 25 sorter sets the standard for versatility and performance. Not only capable of accommodating different sized products from credit card size up to cartons and boxes weighing 30 kg it can also be easily configured to suit an almost limitless range of different applications.

The Series 25 owes its versatility to an innovative, modular design enabling it to be configured to meet any application or specification requirements. Manufactured to exacting standards from precision-engineered components means that the new sorter offers a wealth of benefits. For instance, any future upgrades or changes can be accommodated quickly and easily without long downtimes and costly site work. Also, maintenance requirements are minimal and simple as spare parts will always fit correctly. The system operates at extremely low noise levels and achieves maximum throughput speeds of up to 12,000 per hour. Assembly and installation times for the sorter are greatly reduced thanks to the elimination of the need for time consuming fitting and setting of open tolerance components.

Briefly the main sorter conveyor consists of multiple 25mm wide timing belts, strategically spaced to enable the carriage rollers to pop up and divert product off the main conveyor to outsort piers, bins or take away conveyors. The rollers themselves are precision ground, ensuring they are perfectly balanced for higher rotational speeds. The possible number of outsort destinations is literally limitless as the sorter can be extended to suit any application. In addition, with different pitches down the length of the machine, out sort positions can be moved to suit any site requirement and, significantly, out sorting can be either single or double sided in any combination.

A self-contained carriage is located at each outsort position, securely fixed to the sorter main frame with six bolts. The carriage is connected to a local control module by plug and socket, enabling the complete carriage to be quickly changed in the event of a problem. A removed carriage can be taken back to the workshop for inspection or returned to Axiom for refurbishment without interruption to the smooth operation of the sorter. Another significant maintenance benefit offered by the Series 25 is the ease with which the integral

conveyor belts can be changed in the event of a problem. Replacement belts may be supplied ready to join rapidly on site, with no need to laboriously dismantle roller shafts and other components to fit endless belts.

John Nickson, Managing Director of Axiom GB, comments: At Axiom we enjoy the ability to approach a design requirement with the freedom to select the best components and manufacturing methods to suit. This is because we are not limited by inflexible, mono-functional production facilities and can draw on our comprehensive electrical, mechanical and software expertise. We developed the Series 25 in response to the needs of both conveyor manufacturers and materials handlers, so we are confident that it will be well-suited to meeting the individual needs of a huge sector of the market.

Axiom GB Ltd is the UKs leading single-source supplier of fully integrated handling systems. The company has many years experience of project management and implementation and has an impressive product portfolio which includes conveyor and sortation solutions, handling and ancillary equipment, RF scanners, labelling equipment plus bespoke software and control systems.

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