Vehicle tracking tackles theft and steals cost savings

Navman Wireless has signed a contract to provide vehicle tracking technology to Swedish Rail Systems (SRS). SRS converts standard HGVs into hybrid vehicles that operate as lorries on the road and trains on the track and are able to transport men, materials and equipment, together with inbuilt machinery for the job.

The Navman Wireless system will be initially installed in 62 vehicles as part of SRS's ongoing commitment to enhancing business efficiency and visibility for its customers.

The ability to help deter theft and retrieve stolen vehicles was an important factor in SRS's decision, spurred by a recent marked increase in incidents across the rail sector. Reinforcing the urgency with cruel irony, an SRS vehicle was stolen on the day of the contract signing.

However, SRS's primary motivations remained the asset management and fuel-saving efficiencies inherent to tracking.

"Theft is a real threat, yet commercial fleets are at continual risk of losing money; whether to increasing fuel prices, wasted resources or misdirected manpower," said Steve Blackburn, European Vice President, Navman Wireless.

Simon Whatley, SRS Managing Director commented: "Accountability is key, for our employees, customers and regulatory bodies."

"The Navman Wireless system will enable us to ensure that overtime payments are paid correctly and private mileage is properly recorded. We expect a significant reduction in unnecessary costs as a result."

By combining vehicle tracking with Navman Wireless' CoNex Power Take Off (PTO) monitoring module, SRS will be able to identify the period between when a vehicle arrives at a destination to when the specified equipment draws power, thus indicating that machinery is being deployed and work is underway. This will provide greater transparency for fleet managers and customers alike, who will be able to see the duration of work, how quickly it commences and how efficiently SRS's teams leave site.

"The system can then simplify invoicing by creating convenient reports that clearly show the exact time taken on each job," added Simon.

Schedules will be planned to ensure vehicles are serviced when required and are directed to the nearest specified maintenance location. Furthermore, Navman Wireless' mapping also includes railways - an obvious benefit for fleet managers running hybrid vehicles of this type.

"We'll be able to literally show our customers exactly where our operatives are at all times. Health and safety will also be improved, as we will now be capable of identifying unusual behaviour and reacting to potential incidents with greater speed and precision," commented Simon.

SRS expects the Navman Wireless system to facilitate more efficient management of its fleet, while delivering improved service and accountability to its customers. Both companies operate globally, paving the way for SRS to extend the business benefits beyond the UK.

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